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What are Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a self-service, pay-per-click advertising platform that enables businesses to create and launch search and display ads. Search ads, the more popular ad network type, look almost identical to the normal search results, with the only difference being the small word “Ad” in green. Google Ads will show at the top and bottom of a search results page.



How Google Advertising Works?

Google Ads are a form of search engine marketing and part of Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform, where businesses create, launch, and manage ads through its self-service ads manager. Text-only ads arecreated by businesses, which are then displayed in search results based on a number of factors, including relevant keywords and ad content, device types, time of day, and user location. Advertisers only pay when users click on their ads


How to Advertise in Google in 10 Steps?

In this chapter, we demystify the process of writing the copy and designing the layout for your landing pages. Whether you identify as a copywriter or designer, or feel completely inept in both facets, we’ve got you covered with tons of step-by-step advice and resources that will help you become a star at both.


Set You Budget & Bidding

Next, set your daily ad budget, which is the maximum amount you wish to spend on your Google ad per day. While there is no minimum required daily ad spend, a good starting point for new advertisers is $10 per day. Then, select your bid strategy by selecting the type of ad interaction you want to focus on: conversions (recommended), conversion value, clicks, or impression share.


Create Ad Extentions

Next, set up your ad extensions. These are additional lines of text that appear below your ad. There’s no additional expense related to using ad extensions, and they not only add more real estate to your ad, but they provide users with more options and value, leading to more effective ads. Add extensions relevant to what you’re advertising by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right. When finished, click the “Save and Continue” button in the bottom left-hand corner.


Set Up Ad Groups & Keywords

After inputting all campaign settings, the next step is to set up ad groups. These are grouped by product or service, using a shared set of keywords. For example, a dental practice may be creating a Google advertising campaign to promote its new line of teeth whitening services, and so it uses one ad group for laser whitening and another for gel whitening treatments—each with its own sets of keywords.

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